About Us

  • The Advisory Industry Is in a Period of Tremendous Change

    It is often difficult for advisors to keep pace with the technological innovation driving much of the change within the industry. Experts believe that the industry is poised for disruption, in part because of the tech-driven experiences that more clients are beginning to demand when making planning decisions.

  • ThinkAdvisor's TechCenter Is Here to Help

    ThinkAdvisor's TechCenter is an educational resource designed to keep advisors abreast of new tech innovations to gain a competitive edge.

  • TechCenter's Mission:

    • To increase advisors' tech savviness by giving them access to quick, need-to-know information and ideas that they can apply to their business in the form of guides, checklists and case studies

    • To help advisors gain a competitive advantage by building a tech-enabled advisory practice.

  • Daily and weekly stories from the ThinkAdvisor editorial team:

    • Fintech Watch:

      Our editors and contributors will explore tech trends—and visit the leading-edge technology labs run by advisor partner firms like Pershing and Fidelity—to give you a heads up on exciting tech R&D, and maybe even find a few tech companies in which you should invest.

    • Cybersecurity Blog:

      Our reporters will keep you informed of what the SEC and FINRA and the states expect of you when it comes to protecting your clients' data (and money) and of processes and technology that can keep you cyber secure.

    • Advisor 2.0:

      We profile an advisor whose firm has found technology Nirvana: they've bought software, implemented it correctly, and now see the payoff in better employee productivity, higher revenue and more of the right clients.

    • Case Study Series:

      We will create regular case studies that offer real-life examples of successful tech implementation. Case studies will cover categories such as CRM, marketing automation software, financial planning tools, and more.

If you have an idea for a story, contact Danielle Andrus at dandrus@alm.com